Write volume label to your job log

Some weeks ago a partner asked me if it is possible to write the used disk for a backup job to the job log. I first didn’t understand this request, because I didn’t care about which disk is used. But the partner told me that he is using the rotated drives function of Veeam Backup and Replication.

With this function you can e.g. use a USB hard drive as a Veeam Backup Repository. When the job starts Veeam Backup and Replication will check the repository location for the last known backup. If this backup is not available the job just ignores this and create a new full backup. His customer has several USB hard drives and want to change attached disk regularly, but he is afraid that he will lose track on which device which restore point is located. But I think I found a good solution for this “feature request”.

As a customer or partner how wants to keep track of all e.g. USB disks or RDX media, you just need to give the the different disks or media a volume label via disk management or just in the volume properties to identify the disk. These volume label will be saved in the filesystem metadata on every disk. If no volume label is set the job will show a warning to set a volume label.

I reused my solution from my previous post to write log data into a backup job and combined it with some lines code to get the requested information into the backup job itself.

I hope this example will help you to adapt your own post job script for your environment. You can find my example here.

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