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Advanced Veeam NAS Backup 0

Advanced Veeam NAS Backup

Actually Veeam Software released an SE-driven Beta for Veeam Backup & Replication v10. Some of you maybe now that before I joined Veeam I worked at Anders & Rodewyk and Bechtle and at both...

Store powershell credentials encrypted 2

Store powershell credentials encrypted

Within powershell there is a object call PSCredential. This objects can be used to store and load credentials which can be used e.g. for connecting to a server, Storage, VMware, etc. If our script...

EN: Create Let’s Encrypt certificates manually 0

EN: Create Let’s Encrypt certificates manually

This was the week I’ve been waiting for. After my webspace was running on a old DOMAINbox system, Host Europe moved my existing webspace to a new platform to finish the integration of the existing...